Saturday, March 27, 2010

An important opportunity to be involved in the revision of the Mathematics Standards in California!

Applications Open for the Academic Content Standards Commission (ACSC) that will be responsible for revising the mathematics standards.  State Legislation requires this ACSC to be formed.  This Commission will be made up of 21 members:  11 appointed by the governor, 5 appointed by the Senate and 5 appointed by the Assembly.  The majority of the appointments must be teachers currently in the classroom.  

Background: The standards to be created by the ACSC must be in place for Race to the Top, which California is even more serious about since being turned down for Round 1 funding. The standards must include 85% of the Common Core Standards (posted at  "Headlines, News, Updates" on the home page). An additional 15% may be added by this Commission.

Who should apply: All candidates are welcome.   The Commission needs teachers who teach mathematics and other educators interested in mathematics and mathematics education. A majority of the appointees must be current classroom teachers. Others who will fill out the Commission may include professors, administrators, business owners, retirees, etc.  

Timeline: Applications are due as soon as possible to be considered (now through the deadline, which may be sometime in April).   On or before July 15, 2010, the Commission has to present its recommended academic content standards to the state board.  On or before Aug 2, 2010, the State Board of Education (SBE) has to either adopt or reject the standards; SBE may not alter and approve.  

APPLICATION: At the CMC Website you will find the application (Questionnaire) for the Senate. This application is the same as that used by the Assembly and the Governor. The application for appointment by the Governor may by seen at this link:


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